A lil about me


My name’s Lucy, I am an inclusive yoga teacher and movement specialist who has been teaching yoga since 2015. 

I first found yoga at a time when I had a difficult relationship with my body and eating. I found the most challenging classes I could to punish my plus sized body. I always felt connected to the practice but uncomfortable in the space. Looking back I can see the lack of modifications, accessibility and plus size representation, but at the time I just felt like I had to change to be accepted.

A few years later I found my way back to my practice and used it as one of many tools to start to heal my relationship with my body. With the space and distance I was able to relearn things and in a way which supported my body. Slowly but surely I felt more comfortable in the space as I created a more loving and accepting relationship with myself. Knowing the potential of an accessible practice and the lack of size diversity within the yoga community I decided to do my 200hr teacher training in 2015 at Sampoorna in Goa. Since then I have also completed my 60hr Yin teacher training, 60hr Advance Anatomy, 20hr Hands on assists, 60hr Breath Work & Pranayama and am currently undertaking my trauma informed Teacher Training.

Now I am a full time yoga teacher teaching in community spaces, studios and for corporate and private clients. I also run training sessions for teachers on inclusivity and size inclusivity. I don’t want anyone to feel isolated in a yoga space like I did, especially when yoga can be an amazing tool to come back to yourself and feel at home in your body. I am fiercely passionate about making everyone feel welcome in the yoga space.

Yoga can be intimidating, I found it intimidating when I started, it is overwhelmingly associated with images of thinness and what basically looks like Olympic gymnastics on Instagram. But if you choose to practice with me we’ll have a good laugh and hopefully get more connected to our bodies and ourselves. .

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