A Retreat For Every Body with Hebe & Lucy

22nd May @ Lost In Yoga

Come and slow down at this cosy and inclusive yoga retreat for all bodies at Lost in Yoga, Camberwell.

This afternoon yoga retreat, led by myself and Hebe, will focus on self-compassion, through journaling, reflection, and accessible yoga practices. Including a yin/yang flow, restorative and yoga nidra practice. Our retreat will also include hot drinks, biscuit breaks and we will end with a spread of cake, hot drinks and a chance to hang out and chat.

To find out more or to book a spot click here

Big Yoga Club

29th May @ Level Six
A Fat positive yoga community with Myself & Matt H! Size inclusive, fat-positive workshops supporting yoga students in bigger bodies, hosted by The Big Yoga Club! 

A monthly workshops series bringing people together to celebrate, connect and discuss life on the larger side. Each month will centre around a theme, with a different style class, time for conversation as a group and always ending with a cup of tea and a delicious slice of cake from the LEVELSIX Kitchen 

Suitable for folx who live in size L and up or anyone who has felt excluded from yoga because of their size. We welcome all levels of experience, first-timers, long-timers and all that is in between are invited.

Join us at LEVELSIX in Peckham Levels for an afternoon of yoga, cake and connection!

To find out more or books a spot click here.

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