My name’s Lucy, I am an inclusive yoga teacher and movement specialist who has been teaching yoga since 2015.

I help people who feel like their body shape does not conform to yoga stereotypes feel strong and empowered in a fun and inclusive space through my experience of yoga in a bigger body.

After training in physical theatre I worked as an actor making and touring shows. I found the lifestyle of intense rehearsals, late night shows and unpredictable schedules meant I wasn’t looking after myself and was pushing myself too hard physically often causing injury. I began practicing yoga to ground myself and to reconnect and slowly it has taught me what my body needs and how I can look after it and myself. After several years I transitioned into working as a movement director which I still do alongside teaching yoga. Directing a vast range of bodies and abilities started me on my journey into teaching with inclusivity at the heart of my classes. I strongly believe all bodies can move in a way that makes them feel good. That movement is joyful and should not be a punishment for not being able to fit into a pair of jeans or the take away you had last night.


Being in a bigger body I often felt like I wasn’t welcome in yoga studios and I had to search high and low to find teachers who didn’t make me feel uncomfortable or weren’t openly surprised by my abilities (I CAN BE STRONG AND BIG THANKS BABE). Struggling to find teachers who looked like me and made me feel good gave me the push to do my 200hr teacher training in 2015 at Sampoorna. Since then I have also completed my 60hr Yin teacher training, 60hr Advance Anatomy, 20hr Hands on assists, 60hr Breath Work & Pranayama and am currently undertaking my trauma informed Teacher Training.

Yoga can be intimidating, I found it intimidating when I started, it is overwhelmingly associated with images of thinness and what basically looks like Olympic gymnastics on Instagram. But I promise if you practice with me we’ll have fun and get hopefully get more connected to our bodies.

Any thoughts, feelings questions or concerns?

I’ve loved being taught yoga by Lucy B. The classes are relaxed and supportive, with a mixture of abilities and freedom to go at your own pace. I’ve never laughed in a yoga class this much, which is really fun and refreshing! I’m learning so much, and feeling so much more connected to my body.

After months of yoga via YouTube, it’s an absolute joy to practice yoga with Lucy . She’s an incredible teacher who leads a creative flowing practice in a beautiful setting! The classes are so welcoming for all abilities, Lucy creates a safe space for all, making the yoga classes fun, relaxing and a workout too!

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