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Big Yoga Club June Gathering

June 18th 2pm-4pm @ Kindred Yoga, Deptford

Size inclusive, fat-positive workshops supporting yoga students in bigger bodies, hosted by The Big Yoga Club!

This month our focus will be on:

Giving it a go!

Suitable for folx who live in size L and up or anyone who has felt excluded from yoga because of their size. We welcome all levels of experience, first-timers, long-timers and all that is in between are invited.

Join us in Deptford, for an afternoon of yoga, cake and connection!

Size Inclusive Teaching Practices

@Kindred Yoga, 1st July 12.30-5pm

As yoga teachers, we need to hold space for any student who may enter our class, no matter their shape or size, providing all bodies with equity of experience. However many plus sized people are not made to feel comfortable in yoga spaces because teachers do not have the ability or the experience to adapt for their bodies.

This workshop will break down the reasons why it is so important to make yoga classes size-inclusive, the culture which has led us to exclude people in bigger bodies and give us the tools to create inclusive and accepting spaces for all of out students

Yoga Pancake Brunch

June 17 11.30am-2pm @ Substation, Brixton

Join me at Substation for a 75 min Yang to Yin flow followed by a delicious pancake brunch!

Starting with playful and strengthening Vinyasa Flow moving into a calming and grounding Yin practice we will connect to our bodies and bring our minds a little bit of calm. After practice we will come together for pancakes made by Shoots & Leaves, hot drinks and a good natter.

A great chance to connect, have a laugh and nourish ourselves with playful movement, good food and great company!

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