Zoom Yoga Club

Come join the club, you’re all invited!

Welcome to Lucy B Zoom Yoga Club, a club for unlimited, inclusive zoom yoga!

This club offers 5 live zoom classes a week of varying styles and abilities so you can practice from the comfort of your own home and one class from a guest teacher for only £20 a month. That’s less then £5 a week and less then £1 a class!

Feel nervous about practicing in front of other people?

Too busy to get to the studio?

Love loads of yoga at an accessible price?

Well this is the club for you!

Classes will happen on Zoom. After they are uploaded on to a password protected page on my website for 1 week allowing for full flexibility around your schedule. There is also an exclusive Facebook group where playlists and links are shared and we can also have a nice natter!

Mondays 5.30pm-6.30pm Dynamic Every Body Flow (1 hour)

A strengthening practice open to all except beginners. Dynamic seated and standing postures and faster moving sequences to build heat. A more challenging class, but as always we can take breaks whenever we need!

Level: Some expereince/Up for a challenge

Tuesdays 12pm-12.30pm Lunch Time Energies (30 mins)

Level: Some experience

An shorter but energising practice! A 30 minute flow to break up your day. Starting off slowly, building to a more dynamic practice, modifications available for all levels except complete beginners.

Wednesdays 8am-8.50am Gentle Every Body Flow (50)

Level: Beginners/All

Perfect for complete beginners or anybody who wants to take it slow. Re-energising the body and the mind and reconnecting to our breath by moving slowly through seated and standing postures.

Thursdays 12.30pm-1.10pm Lunch Time Dynamic (40 mins)

Level: Some experience/Up for a challenge

A shorter dynamic practice in the middle of the day! A strengthening practice open to all except beginners. Dynamic postures and faster moving sequences to build heat. Perfect way to build up to an hour of Dynamic Flow.

Sunday 8.30pm-9.30pm VERY slow flow into Yin (1 hour)

Level: Beginners/All

Very slow, chilled out practice. Beginning with Pranayama (breath work) some gentle stretches then moving in to Yin Yoga where we will hold postures for between 2 and 5 minutes. A class to slow down the body and the mind. Open to all.

Payments taken the 1st or 15th of each month and membership can be cancelled any time! After booking you are sent an email with a link to ‘manage your plan’. Through this link you can cancel your membership. You can also contact me directly and I can cancel it for you!

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