Lucy B yoga

Lucy B Yoga

Hello Pals!

My name’s Lucy. I’m an inclusive yoga teacher and movement specialist and I’ve been teaching yoga since 2015. I love working with students of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, helping them feel comfortable and empowered in a fun and inclusive space.

I’m a teacher living in a larger body, which means I have experienced and understand how intimidating and exclusive yoga spaces can be. This is why I create friendly and accessible environments that are open to all. I strongly believe yoga classes should be accessible to everyone and a judgment free zone because every person deserves to experience the benefits of yoga practice, without inaccessibility or fear getting in the way.

Studio classes

Lucy is based in London and teach regular classes at Substation Strong + Bendy

Zoom yoga club and community classes

Do you want loads of accessible yoga at an affordable price? Well then, come and join the club!


Inclusive workshops, classes and events!


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